Tips for a Pest-Free BBQ

Here’s How To Enjoy The BBQ Without Worrying About Pests

The lovely time of summer and enjoying the Summer BBQ in our backyard is one of the most extraordinary things. The pleasant and savoury smell of the freshly cooked BBQ right of the grills is something that will make you drool. Your heart would start racing to get the taste of the BBQ as soon as possible. 

However, it is a lovely moment that can be destroyed with some minor pest invasion. To properly enjoy it, you need to have a Pest-Free BBQ. And you are at the right place to get the right tips to make it happen as you are reading the tips given by Professional Pest Controllers.

Keep The Mosquitoes Away From Your Lovely Backyard.

The hardest part of enjoying a Pest-Free Summer BBQ is mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can easily ruin the fun of the BBQ and leave you scratching your skin all over. So, what’s the best way of Mosquito Control in such a situation?

If you ask us, in most cases, we would have recommended Professional Pest Control. However, because the situation is slightly different, we advise you to spray mosquito repellent and mosquito spray in your garden. It is not a permanent solution, but it will be more than enough for you to enjoy the barbeque.

Plants That Repel Pests And Other Bug

If there is some sort of man-made solution for pests, there will be a natural one. In nature, you can find various plants that produce a distinct smell to repel the pests. You can find some of these plants easily and plant them in your garden. Once they have grown up then, you can enjoy the Summer BBQ without worrying about the pests.

Additionally, you can also buy such plants at the local nursery and purchase fully grown plants. Once you have them, you can place them in your garden to have a Summer BBQ.

Keep The Grill Clean

Various pests like to make their nest in small and cramped spaces. For example, your BBQ grill. Multiple pests can enter the grill and make their nest inside, like spiders, ants and other similar bugs.

So, keeping your grill clean is a great way to ensure there are no pests inside the grill. In return, you can enjoy the Pest Free BBQ without any problems. So, without wasting any more time, get on cleaning it right away.

Use Of Modern Pest Repellent

Pest Repellents are an ingenious method of Pest Management and one that works most of the time. As the technologies improved, we have found various strategies and tactics that are viable in repelling pests. For example, ultrasonic sound emitters repel bugs and pests using high-frequency sound waves.

The end result is, you get a safe environment that enables you to enjoy Pest Free BBQ without any pests. Additionally, it also keeps you safe in general because you don’t have to worry about pest bites.

Protect Your Food And Cover It Properly

Most likely, pests are attracted to the food that you have left in the open. So here’s a thing to keep in mind, whenever you are outside for Summer BBQ, we recommend keeping your food covered. It will ensure that the smell of the food doesn’t spread too far, resulting in zero attraction of pests. Thus, you can enjoy Pest Free BBQ without any problems.

Call Us For Professional Advice And Pest Spray

These are some of the most common things that you can do yourself. However, we still recommend asking Professional Pest Control to help you. You can all Pest Control Cottesloe a day before your SUMMER BBQ to inspect and carry out Pest Control. It will allow you to have total assurance of zero pest problems while you enjoy the juicy BBQ. Additionally, Professional Pest Control often lasts for about 6 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about pests for a long time. 

Overall, it is a good investment as you are protected from all the problems posed by the pests. So, give us a call and chat with our Top Rated Pest Control for further appointment and advice. We are available for you to call 24×7 hrs any day.